Come join us as VOLUNTEER of Indonesia Ramah Lansia

Come join us as VOLUNTEER of Indonesia Ramah Lansia

Indonesia Ramah Lansia is a social foundation which concern on the welfare and the empowerment of aged community where located in Special Region of Yogyakarta. Indonesia Ramah Lansia or commonly known as IRL at it young age has already determined it existence regionally and even globally on the aim to growing up the elderly friendly area in Indonesia especially Yogyakarta. We’ve been involved by the Government on the designing the policy for aged community as well.

Lets gain more experiences, networks, recommendations, career opportunity, shortcourse opportunity, mentoring, and upgrading by joining IRL.

Come join us as VOLUNTEER of Indonesia Ramah Lansia. We are looking for a young spirited, creative, open-minded, and eager to learn person who passioned to contribute in community.

CP : 0813-2997-3475 (Asto)


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