Youth Empowerment Empowering Self and Other

Youth Empowerment: Empowering Self and Other

Yogyakarta – An international seminar was held to commemorate the opening of the 19th Anniversary of the Faculty of Public Health, Ahmad Dahlan University. By the Committee of the Anniversary of the Faculty of Public Health, Ahmad Dahlan University. This International Seminar carries the theme “Youth Empowerment: Empowering self and other”. This event will be held on Sunday, February 28, 2021 which will take place from 08.00 – 11.30 WIB using the media zoom cloud meetings and youtube streaming.

This international seminar was attended by approximately 254 participants from various agencies and various regions. This international seminar presents Lina Handayani, S.KM., M.Kes., Ph.D (Dean of Faculty of Public Health, UAD) As opening speech, Assoc. Prof. Siti Aisyah (School of HRD and Psychology, FSSH UTM) As opening speech, Asa Ismia Bunga A. (General Secretary of ISS- Indonesia UTM Malaysia) As Speaker 1st, Ina Maryani (Student Exchange in Hungkuang University, Taiwan) As Speaker 2nd, Yuni Herliyanti (Nutrition Study Program Public Health Faculty, UAD) As Speaker 3rd, Ridla Rizkiyah (Student of Public Health, UAD) As Master of Ceremony, dan Millenia Intan Borneo (Stundent of Public Health, UAD) As Moderator.

Reno Setiaji As Chairman of comitte Milad FKM 19th, Based on these necessary conditions, we organize an international seminar to launch the commemoration of the 19th anniversary of the Faculty of Public Health Universitas Ahmad Dahlan in 2021 with the theme “Youth Empowerment: Empowering Self and Others”. This specific topic is arranged to enthusiastically support the policies of “Merdeka Belajar” and “Kampus Merdeka”, emphasizing the importance of mainstreaming students’ rights to adopt learning styles according to their wishes to obtain more novel experiences. Indirectly, this is an effective strategy to empower students as the younger generation, prospective future leaders.

Asa Islamia Bunga

The first material was delivered by Asa Islamia Bunga with the topic is Leadership Enlighted by Islam and Psychology. Which can be quoted from the speaker namely explain that leadership is one’s ability to affect others to achieve certain goals. And to choose someone a leader must have his judgment and points for us to choose someone a leader of knowledge (discretion). Physically and mentally healthy (strong).

And modeled a magnificent leader that is Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih 1453 he conquered thecity of Constantinople. And responsibility in leadership there are 3 points in Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih that is First of all, trustworthy. Secondly, to uphold justice and righteousness (justice), justice is to treat people or cases with what they deserve,the third is to avoid bad wishes.

The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) It was a prophet who was sent to perfect men. He had gained conflict with the quraysh against the religious teaching he was carrying on.Responsibility in the leadership of the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) – amin is amar ma’ruf nahi munkar.

In its conclusion asa’s speaker explained that the first of all, every human being is a leader, at least to ourselves. The second, being a leader (caliph) was part of worship when it was carried out sincerely. The third one, the mandate to be a leader is difficult, so let’s stay close.

Ina Maryani

The second material was delivered by sister Ina Maryani with the topic is Coping Strategies On Covid-19 Lessons Learn From Indonesia and Taiwan. It’s known that currently the Covid-19 cases in Indonesia have increased in Indonesia 1,288,833 confirmed cases, while in Taiwan 942 cases. In Indonesia 34,691 people died while in Taiwan there were 9 people who died. There are several policies in Indonesian among them The enactment of the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions), The enactment of 3M (Wearing a mask, washing hands, keeping your distance) and online teaching system. There are several policies in Indonesian among them in Taiwan Travel restrictions are imposed from the country with the highest number of cases, The rationing of the supply of masks is available to anticipate the high demand for masks and Masks policy from January. The strength of Indonesian and Taiwan, in Indonesian budget reallocation Rp. 62,3 triliun to incentives for health works and import of medical devices, formed acceleration handling task force covid-19, thousands of volunteers who are always ready to be deployed anywhere and anytime, implementing health protocol or PHBS socialization that adapts the local policies community. In Taiwan is more experienced because they handled the SARS endemic in 2003, activated the National Health Command Centre (NHCC), the behavior of the Taiwanese who rarely shakes hands and the bice president is an epidemiologist.

Yuni Herliyanti

This international seminar event ended with a closing statement by sister Yuni Herliyanti with the topic is Nutrition Balance : be beauty, be healthy. Which can be quoted from the speaker namely Definition Adolescence is a period of transition from children to adolescents. A teenager has a fast character to grow and develop physically, psychologically, and knowledgeably. The habits of teenagers that often occur today are excessive use of cellphones, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, sleeping too late (staying up late), eating irregularly, and passively doing physical exercise.

Example : poor consumption patterns are also common in adolescents Some examples of bad consumption habits are: About 27.93% drink soda more than once a day, Approximately 44.6% of people often skip breakfast, dan about 55.4% of people often consume fast food more than once per week. Then, Problem nutrition / nutrition often happens is : 23.8% of women have anemia, 16% of children aged 13-15 years are overweight and obese, and 8.7% of children aged 13-15 are underweight. Then, Problems that occur in adolescents are lowering one’s physical condition, chemistry, and anemia. Then, The way to be beautiful and healthy for adolescents is to maintain body shape, have a healthy diet, get enough sleep, keep exercising, take care of yourself so you don’t get stressed, and last The effect of nutritional balance for the body is to grow and develop well, well-developed knowledge, the body to be healthy, and to be able to carry out activities well.

Faculty of Public Health, Ahmad Dahlan University

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